Photography provided by Patricia Alvarado Nuñez

WE ALL HAVE A STORY, here's mine....I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree and ever since I've been receiving and studying alternative medicine and therapies.  

After college I spent nearly a year studying at Kriplau in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, it was here that I fell in love with holistic health and wellness.  Then I traveled around the world as a filmmaker and to date have visited 35 countries.  After a 2013 Maryland fly fishing trip in the woods near Camp David, I experienced an odd low-grade ongoing fever, unusual fatigue and aches.   And then noticed a bull's eye rash on leg.  My wife rushed me to the ER and I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.

Several months after taking the traditional 21 days of antibiotics I started experiencing stiffening of my joints and discovered Biomagnetism through a friend's referral which lead me up to Vermont to meet holistic health practitioner Joan Randall.  Super skeptical at first but after a half dozen Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BMT) treatment sessions with Joan, to my amazement, my Lyme and co-infections symptoms were 90% gone. My skin cleared, aches disappeared,  and my daily stamina increased.  Soon after I was fully cleared of all Lyme symptoms and have been studying Biomagnetism ever since.

In addition to holistic health I've studied psychology, meditation, yoga, addiction, Buddhism and other personal growth modalities.  For the last 15 years I've been studying System Centered Training under psychologist Steven Weinstein in a weekly work group he leads.  I've studied mediation both at Spirit Rock (outside of San Francisco) and at Insight Mediation Society (in Barre, MA) and some of my teachers have been Jack Kornfield, Spring Washam, Mark Coleman and others.  For the last 6 years I've been a weekly practitioner of Bikram Yoga (the original hot yoga).  I continue to practice three to four times per week at the Bikram Yoga Waverly studio lead by Gerdette Armour.  Also since 2011, I've been a New England Chapter member of Mankind Project International as an iGroup member/co-leader and am a New Warrior Training Adventure graduate and volunteer staff member.

In March of 2015 I completed the Goiz Biomagnetism Institute's certification in Berkeley, CA with Dr. David Goiz.  My studies, research and supervision continues...  I am studying the concepts of practitioner energy hygiene, chakras and other energy based systems primarily with the Energy Healing Institute lead by Jill Leigh.  Through Jill's institute I've also studied holistic anatomy with Dr. George Savastio (ND) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  And this past summer completed the Lyme Magnetic Protocol training at Integrative Wellness Center in Woodstock, Vermont led by BMP Lyme pioneering therapist Joan Randall.  Joan continues to mentor me and serve as a lead supervisor to my current BMP practicum.  I make regular trips to Vermont to continue my studies with her.  

My practice resides just outside of Boston in the historic center of  Lexington, Massachusetts.  Clients travel from throughout New England to my office including from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Western and Central Massachusetts.