I have been very sick for fifteen years with many mysterious ailments. I felt like I lived at the doctors office. My labs always came back off but there was never a clear idea as to what was wrong with me. I finally decided to start researching my symptoms myself and I came across Lyme Disease. After reading quite extensively about the disease I was pretty interested in finding a Lyme literate doctor. Sure enough my new Doctor informed me that after lots of lab work my tests came back positive for Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasma Pneumonia.I knew that I had a very long road ahead of me.

I started my treatment slowly on antibiotics and some herbs and supplements. I needed the supplements to help my non existent immune system. At every monthly appointment my doctor kept adding more medication and in the end I was taking eighty five pills a day. It was taking over my life plus the medications cause side effects as well so I felt even worse then I did before I started treatment.

I was getting really sad about the state of my health and felt like treating this disease was taking over my life and I just wanted to stop. I knew that wasn’t an option so I decided to seek alternative therapies.

I stumbled upon Biomagnetism and read all about it as I never heard of it before. I was really intrigued and wanted to give it a try.

That’s how I found Alan. I instantly felt a connection to Alan because he too suffered from this horrible disease. He’s a very kind and intelligent person who really listens to me. He asks lots of questions so that he can get a very good sense of what my body truly needs. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Alan has relieved me of most of my symptoms that I have had for fifteen years in a very short period of time. I actually started seeing drastic improvement after about session five and decided to get off of all my Lyme medication. I’m starting to feel like a new person! It has been a long journey for me and I will continue to improve with biomagnetism and I truly feel very fortunate to be in Alan’s care. Plus there are so many other ailments that having chronic Lyme Disease has caused that Alan is also able to treat with the magnets.

What I love most about this treatment is that it’s safe, effective, and that it utilizes natural non invasive ways to heal!

I’m a true believer of biomagnetism!”
— Alison, Andover, MA