Biomagnetism (also referred to as Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Medical Biomagnetism, BMT or BMP) is an alternative treatment modality that targets the source of disease – bacteria, fungus, parasite and virus - by neutralizing the energetic pH frequencies in the human body.

As a result this creates an unfriendly climate for active illness-inducing microbes but a life supportive environment for you and your wellness.


HOW does Biomagnetism work?

Science on biomagnetism is complex and researchers now understand that an energy current (a.k.a bioelectricity) exist in human bodies and informs many critical functions of our integrated internal systems. Water is the main conductor of human energy.  Molecules transmit electrical wavelengths.  They also have the capability to store data in their memory. For instance scientist are finding when there is illness some aspect of internal magnetic grids breakdown and cause an unbalance in those particular magnetic fields. This in turn affects a change in the electrolyte compound which generates the direction of the magnetic field producing a positive or negative polarization in a organ (or organs) where this biological abnormality takes place and renders a change of the pH.  Researchers believe many illnesses occur because these magnetite particles in our bodies get disoriented.  It is understood that when we properly apply pairs of magnets on the human body we can return this magnetite and pH to its original state of balance that in return creates an aqueous medium which is inhabitable to suspected hurtful microbes. 

Biomagnetism is being studied by a top New England ivy league medical school as well as by Mexican researcher Dr. Esther del Rio Serrano who has established the microscopical link between science and Biomagnetism. Dr. Esther del Rio has confirmed scientifically the efficiency of medical biomagnetism.  His research shows when the acidity or alkalinity in these specific points are balanced properly Biomagnetism is able to eradicate pathogens causing dysfunctions.  Resulting in reestablished equilibrium and in most cases we recover our health.


Although basically unknown in the U.S., is practiced in many countries, especially in South America and parts of Europe. Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán of Mexico first discovered the medical healing power of "pairs" of magnets over 28 years ago when he was working with HIV patients.  

After putting two magnets, one on the rectum and the other on the thymus gland, the patient recovered shortly. Dr. Durán proposed that this pair of points have a relationship to each other for harboring the pathogens that causes AIDS: the HIV virus in the rectum and Escherichia coli in the thymus gland. What makes it possible for these two pathogens to survive in these niches is the alteration of the local pH values: its believed that the virus relishes an acid environment while the bacteria an alkaline one. Furthermore, according to Dr. Durán, these two pathogens resonate with each other and cause the collapse of the immune system. By placing simple magnets on these two places, the local pH is neutralized, and in many cases causing the pathogens to be eliminated. In the case of AIDS, the practitioner would place the positive end of the magnet on the thymus and the negative end on the rectum. Dr. Durán calls this bi-focal relation between these two disease-causing points of the body the "biomagnetic-pair." In the years that followed, Dr. Durán and his colleagues discovered hundreds of such pairs relating to most diseases inflicting humans today.  Dr. Durán claims that most of these diseases can be successfully addressed by this simple method of placing magnets methodically on the body in pairs.

Over time Dr. Durán and his son Dr. David Goiz have researched and uncovered hundreds of points in the body that house pathogens, including over 350 biomagnetic pairs. They found specific points in the body tend to harbor certain diseases. These "parings" are meticulously tested in institutes and hospital clinics in the United States, Mexico and Spain.  Goiz found that by applying magnets to specific points neutralizes the body and the suspected pathogens tend to die off – the belief is harmful microbes need acidity and inflammation to flourish. 

Studies including a "before and after" study of 200+ patients supervised by MD Dr. Raymon Hilu at his clinic in Malaga, Spain showed in real time such results.  This study was performed before Dr.  Hilu's peers of the international medical community, press and was filmed.  Click here to watch a clip.  In addition, a research team in Hanover, New Hampshire is undergoing a new study on Biomagnetism and it's impact on disease-causing pathogens.


An initial session (between 1.5-2 hours) begins with a brief review of your online questionnaire and symptom chart that you fill out in our offices.  All this is done to understand your current state of health.  During this first session we take the time to understand your healing journey and explain how the Biomagnetism process works.  In many cases symptoms of acute Lyme can be addressed in 6-10 sessions.  Yet complex chronic Lyme cases can take anywhere from 15 to 25 (sometimes more) sessions to achieve relief of symptoms. 

Once you are settled on the table, we conduct a Kinesiology Assessment by muscle testing your feet to learn where your body is unbalanced and harboring suspected pathogens. Please bring a clean pair of socks – to place on your feet over your existing socks, and wear snug but comfortable clothing (avoid sweaters please) during the treatment session.

The testing is conducted using your legs and feet responses to simply asking or manually placing magnets on various scanning points on the body.  Typically the right leg will shorten in response to the questions asked, determining the points of magnet pairs which require treatment and the order of treatment.

Magnets – a positive and negative charge – are placed on the entry and exit points – in the Borellia example referenced above, the negative charge is placed on the costal hepatic and the positive charge is placed on the liver. It is possible that you will have magnets placed on your body in multiple locations, depending on the results of the Kinesiology Assessment.

As magnet pairs are being put in place clients generally relax deeply or even fall asleep. There may be emotional and mental correlations to the disease that are identified through the Assessment. The body is a holistic system, consisting of interacting organs and bioenergetic fields. While disease manifests in the physical body, the emotions and beliefs of the client inform the body.

Your mission during a session is to relax and receive the treatment.


Research has shown that the Biomagnetic Pairs (BMPs), may be divided in 4 categories:

  • Regular BMPs identify pathogenic microorganisms whether they are virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites.
  • Special BMPs identify tissue alteration not supported by pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Dysfunctional BMPs are the ones that affect glands and hormonal production.
  • Reservoir BMPs identify organs or tissue which support potentially pathogenic virus and can keep them in reserve for an indefinite time, until some alteration in the body triggers it sending it to its specific location.

How is Biomagnetism different than magnet therapy?  

BMP is totally different from magnetic therapy, the only similarity is the use of magnets. Biomagnetism is a comprehensive alternative therapy for diagnosing, healing and preventing disease. It is in no way similar to magnet therapy. Magnet therapy has been applied with one polar principle just for dysfunction or injuries under two concepts: a) South pole as analgesic and b) North pole as anti-inflammatory. The magnetic fields used for this purpose are of low intensity (between 100 to 500 gauss) and are applied for longer periods of time, hours or days, and in areas that show specific symptoms. The purpose of this explanation is to establish the difference between magnet therapy versus bio-magnetism and bio-energetic pairs. Biomagnetism and bioenergetic pairs are a vibrational phenomenon related to medicine and both can be considered as medicinal therapy and medical science. Biomagnetism Pair Therapy consists of methodically placing pairs of magnets ranging in intensity from between 1,000 to 15,000 gauss. Time of application varies from 8-30+ minutes depending on the country location in relation to the equator.

NASA Doctor, Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, discovered the "Shorter leg" enigma used in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

It all began with the discovery made by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, a doctor at NASA.  He discovered that astronauts who had prior to take-off undergone very rigorous medical tests. And upon return most all had one shared physical abnormality which normalized after a short period of time.  He concluded that some of the astronauts legs shortened by about 1-2 cm. Dr. Broeringmayer noticed that the effects of magnets on the astronauts’ bodies eliminated this anomaly after a while.  As a its cause, suspicion fell to a lack of Earth’s magnetic field in space.  Also, Dr. Broeringmayer discovered that the body’s pH (acidity/alkalinity) was linked to the influence the magnets exerted on the body.  He determined a tie between the pH states of certain body parts and their functions as related to health thus arriving at the conclusion that magnetic polarization leads to pathological states such as disease.  It is known that increased acidity creates a concentration of hydrogen ions, H+, while increased alkalinity is caused by a concentration of OH- ions.  Since magnets can alter the electric potential within biological tissue the conclusion presented itself that magnets can re-implement a disrupted balance of bio-electric potential.  Namely one which creates a foundation for the development of pathological states.   And magnets north pole will attract H-positive ions (this pole is called negative) while the south pole which attracts OH-negative ions (is referred to as the positive magnetic pole).

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