"We are electric bodies.  Biomagnetic Therapy (or Biomagnetism) uses pairs of magnets (negative and positive poles) to address bodily symptoms by neutralizing the pH (namely the electrical and chemical properties) of suspected disease-causing pathogens (i.e. bacteria, virus, fungi, parasite) rendering an unfriendly environment to such microbes.  Biomagnetic Therapy is been particularly effective as an alternative natural treatment protocol in addressing symptoms of Lyme disease. 

My mission is to assist your body's astounding intelligence to restore wellness using Biomagnetic pair techniques and protocols developed over the past 25+ years.  I am a Lyme literate practitioner with advanced training in the Lyme Magnetic Protocol.  My practice is based just outside of Boston in the center of historic Lexington, Massachusetts."

- Alan Catello Grazioso - Biomagnetic Pair Therapist (based outside of Boston, MA)


Alan Grazioso has been studying and receiving alternative therapies for over two decades.  He was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2013 and was introduced to Biomagnetism through master therapist Joan Randall in Vermont and since has had a complete recovery from Lyme and it’s co-infections.  Alan was so impressed he began studying Biomagnetism.  Alan is a certified Biomagnetic Pair therapist by the Goiz Biomagnetism Institute.  He studied with Dr. David Goiz in Berkeley, CA.  He's also trained in the Lyme Magnetic Protocol by the Integrative Wellness Center in Woodstock, VT and has ongoing supervision sessions with his core teacher and supervisor Joan Randall.


My practice is currently not taking new clients

(likely until LATE FALL 2017). 

If you need a local LYME MAGNETIC PROTOCOL practitioner please contact ONE OF MY TRUSTED colleagueS LISTED BELOW.

During a Biomagnetic Therapy session clients lie face-up in their own comfortable clothing on a special table.  We utilize a muscle testing technique using legs and feet and place magnets accordingly to address symptoms.



 Since graduating from Northeastern University,  Alan been studying holistic therapies for over 23 years.....

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