Over the past two years I have watched my teenage daughter’s health decline. From specialist to specialist they were treating each symptom as it arose. Pediatricians for extreme fatigue, Cardiologists for heart pains, Endocrinologist for Thyroid Disease and Adrenal Fatigue, yet no one could explain why her hair was falling out, her “foggy brain”/ short term memory issues, numbness in face /extremities, and achey joints.

Eventually, we did find a doctor that diagnosed her as having Lyme Disease with several co-infections.

As part of the healing process we decided to try Biomagnetic Therapy with Alan. I can not speak highly enough about the level of care and degree of professionalism in which Alan has treated my daughter. He has taken time to explain the process and theory behind his work and has been attentive to her needs. He listens closely to her report of symptoms, scans her body, and treats the suspected areas.

Alan has routinely followed-up, checking on her well being, there to answer any questions or concerns that have arisen after a treatment session. Alan shows a level of empathy, compassion, and dedication with his clients that is often missing in today’s busy world. With Alan’s help, my daughter has seen a dramatic reduction of symptoms and is unquestionably on the road to recovery. Alan’s specialized training for the treatment of Lyme Disease is unique and sets him apart from others in this field.

Based upon the positive results we have seen with the elusive and often difficult to treat Lyme Disease that my daughter has suffered through, I am confident in recommending Alan’s expertise in treating other forms of chronic illness as well.

Thanks to Alan, I’m hopeful that one day in the near future my daughter will be symptom free, living the healthy and active life every teenager deserves.”
— Jessica J., Mom & M.Ed, CAGS Mental Health Counselor, Nashua, NH