Photography provided by Shutterstock and the U.S. CDC

Lyme Disease is complicated, and requires a treatment protocol blueprint that is investigative, assertive and holistic.  I partner with my clients in their healing and believe getting well is a two-way street.  Because most Lyme cases present a range of co-infections – other microbes in addition to Lyme – all pathogens must be eliminated in order to restore the body to full wellness.  

Diseases thrive in areas of greatest weakness and unbalance so the focus of my work is rebalancing the body using biomagnetic pairs and the Lyme Magnetic Protocol as my guide.  I call this "weeding the garden."  The magnets do most of the difficult labor so the body can begin to gain strength and restoration.  I realize there are many alternative an complementary treatments of lyme disease out there.  My intention with this site is to explain as clearly as possible what biomagnetic pair therapy and the lyme magnetic protocol (LMP) my fellow practitioners and I follow is all about.


Biomagnetism, like many holistic health approaches,  takes time to see results. How many treatments you may ask?  Somewhere between 5-25 sessions.  Each person's body, symptoms, and cocktail of pathogens is different.  Therefore your case will be treated individually which is why the range of needed sessions widely varies. 


The Lyme Magnetic Protocol is very different from other Biomagnetism Therapy treatments because we target specific suspected pathogens in an intentional sequencing order.   At the beginning treatments may need to take place every 7-12 days.  As the treatment evolves, clients may go 10-14 days between treatments.  I pride myself in being a Lyme literate practitioner as I've studied and given public talks on the Lyme topic including early detection, tick checking habits, prevention tips, as well as keep up with the latest Lyme research and statistics.

Near the end of the protocol sessions may be spaced out up to a few weeks apart. Clients may begin to feel marked improvement from symptoms after a handful of sessions and this may cause them to believe that they can discontinue or slow down treatments. Unfortunately this is not the case with Lyme. The Lyme Magnetic Protocol treatment must be completed in full for the treatment to be considered successful and effective.

If you’ve had Lyme Disease for more than 3 years, your case is considered chronic, and it needs to be treated carefully and cohesively.  DO NOT FORESTALL YOUR HEALING AND STOP TREATMENTS PREMATURELY.  Rest and eating well are important components for healing from Lyme Disease. Figure this into your daily activities.  An overstressed lifestyle is not conducive to healing, and has especially remarkable implications with Lyme Disease.  

For example, Borrelia burgdorferi, a well-known "spirochaete" bacteria in Lyme cases, typically causes localized and systemic infection. The biomagnetic points in the body where Borrelia is frequently harbored is the Costal Hepatic and the Liver. To rid the body of Borrelia (which is a very ancient, super intelligent and resilient pathogen), these points would receive magnetic pairs treatment – for roughly 20 minutes.  During treatments you may have several magnet pairs taped or placed on your body at any given time.  The magnets and your energy do the heavy work of neutralizing pH and restoring vitality.